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escape escape escape

Wish we could build cities with lemonade lakes in pastry parks oozing jams that freshly squish strawberry and laziness is rewarded with naps beneath buttercup trees; here a gent of each tier could have a little sliver to fiddle with … Continue reading

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satan satan satan

this might come as a shock but I can speak for myself if I must expend mind muscles in search of words that in a crunch come closest to the feeling that is simply the truest. But I can say … Continue reading

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this poet’s beef

life’s purpose is to enhance experience; remain a happy lecher while avoiding the poison potion that turns the upstanding hedonist into a worshiper or worse a preacher for an absolute either-or horrid ice cream shop deciding to serve nothing but … Continue reading

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Father forgive me for I am sinning all the time

Originally posted on Timmy the Scribbler:
I’m not Orthodox. Don’t keep up on Catholic news. The dominant church in these parts is Orthodox. They/we are in Lent. I’m not Orthodox so I’m not obliged to make any major readjustments. But…

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speak of the devil

Originally posted on Timmy the Scribbler:
Was just reminded that Lent begins tomorrow. About the dietary restrictions. I probably won’t go along with it, but I was intrigued, because it sounded like a really good cleanser for the body, apparently…

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return to books

let’s talk lions; you know a lion yet not really about but starting with what is depicted as a jungle cat though lances rip this flimsy diaphragm should memory so much as indicate an intention to recall a picture of … Continue reading

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patience, patience, nah

am I the only alien consigned to this plane that goes gaga over dictatorial dimwits who happen to know a few words, who were handed a microphone and who wear sunny cantaloupes equipped with lips since robotics is our destiny … Continue reading

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