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a sinkhole with suck has the grave for an ally marsh, muck, a moccasin and a wasp city buzzes the shove-off under dawn and coffee and back-slaps and in the cooler longnecks get frosty for lunchtime bad place for the … Continue reading

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6 months

how time can zoom really I’ve been blown away by the encouraging reception. For a recap: this turn occurred six months ago. Oh I’d been doing a wordpress blog which focus was me as an American being here in Romania. … Continue reading

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the problem arises

about the eagerness, there could be two or more passions that fire eagerness, making it hard to plunge into one without looking back at another or diverting to another, end up turned around and running or swimming in a circle … Continue reading

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hm. not bad. surprised.

goes to show that life may be less like a box of chocolates and more like buying a jug of wine from the market that is a mere couple minutes across the way: can consume one jug and feel zero … Continue reading

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more on eagerness

I really think that’s it. Pursuit. Eagerness drives pursuit. Failure is part of the pursuit. There will be failures. Do you still pursue? If you quit pursuit how eager were you in the first place? Take a break? Dust off? … Continue reading

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another wine-ramble post

I’ve an addiction to scouring. Get an idea. See if others out there are talking. Sometimes the views I read run counter to what are always tentative conclusions on my part. Of course many of these excursions pertain to writing. … Continue reading

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nice guy curse:2

hell maybe there is a God and maybe there is something to astrology and stars and God played a joke – Sunday school teachers might coerce a praise the design came out this way, like another couple centimeters taller, a … Continue reading

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