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another escapist creation

Close your eyes and welcome the festival that never concludes but now and then rests as the colors and the musical feel sense and dance best when evenings are cool letting cubes clink in glasses, kissing you. Tasty treats emit … Continue reading

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I guess anything ought to be fair game. I say so after experiences expressly designed to drive men bonkers. They entail rabbit holes. They know their cute noses and twitches and whiskers are explicitly irresistible. Thank someone managing the Universe … Continue reading

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this poetry’s ditch

Yesterday’s meander so happily lackadaisical had to someday taper into an uphill grinding slog just when the season turneth to thaw, and the meadows level and lush in virgin whites and decadent reds a fountain’s busy pummeling trims, all carry … Continue reading

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all due respect reply

I won’t swear it is wanking that wearies nor do I offer an opposite born from a dalliance in rancor. Merely saying a lacking may add weight as in the wilderness materials; as in strolling specimens in leggings.

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oh what a bafflement

who could guess poetry had enemies? and spirits get edgy when around it? – because it can be anything? or choose to stroll the street decked in pink mums? Who could imagine that grown men guarded by sharp-shooting armor are … Continue reading

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these times

both trees come from insane seeds and waited until the winter to unmask their truest nature on the greener trusting saplings the trees take turns torturing with a river of inanity

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distant, so distant

a cup of the brownest sugar hasn’t strength to sweeten this broth, boiling, bitter. Mojo mirth in freedom found is imprisoned in a myth.

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