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I say it’s valid to be a bit pissed off

While I sorely regretted that the time in Romania came to an end, I have to be grateful for those 3 dreamy years. And I guess, in lieu of Bucharest, there is a lot to love about this little corner … Continue reading

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couldn’t resist

had to put it on a shirt not necessarily true T-Shirt by MiddleFingerExpress  

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sudden grrrr thought

Whenever I read or hear someone write or say that thing that goes, “we humans are social beings” I just can’t help but consider or think: so you’re saying I’m not a human? does this mean we are enemies (by … Continue reading

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How about this for a sunday sermon?

Beginning to wonder about missing the mark when trying to identify where I took a turn that has resulted in a lack of output in the department of fiction. And I can’t help but suspect the internet has been more … Continue reading

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You Say Snobbery, I Say Preference

I can see how the interpretation could settle on snobbery. And to judge by dictionary entries, good people do not condone the snobbish attitude; ought to shun whosoever shall dare give another human being the notion they in any way … Continue reading

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maybe it wasn’t for naught

Recall the original dream had (maybe still has) music roots, specifically the stringy and joy of electricity. Alas, guitar stardom had to at last be put to sleep, at least in the speed demon realm. Sure we all know that … Continue reading

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what freedom means to me

Meandering shorn of shackle burdens would comprise this poet’s primary bag and applies to the mind as much as feet. The one acceptable way to be tied would be the obvious: at the mercy of a sex kitten’s weaponry toolkit, … Continue reading

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