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which reminds me

A tidal shift apparently came along while I dozed or moseyed about my mundane business. Might be part of the internet price; being sucked into a world of memes and gifs, most of which I just don’t get, probably because … Continue reading

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Seems like it never fails: start to get ticked off to the verge of explosion because of the internet, when sure enough that’s about the time I make the odd sale or learn something new. The existence of sapiosexuality, say.┬áNow … Continue reading

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is it this Universe thing?

So I grabbed an old tale with intent to republish it through d2d. But what happens? Blocked here, blocked there…. then I remembered having trouble with it way back when. Maybe it’s ‘too much’? I personally see it as dark … Continue reading

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for example

the last post-reblog (somehow missed how to add a note or comment) from the end of 2013 while in Romania. That makes sense too: those 3 wonderful years in Bucharest. Yeah the chatter was voluminous and nearly constant – but … Continue reading

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well it should’ve been obvious

why the image manipulation/visual stuff is extra attractive as opposed to the writing of a work of literature, even if it is a silly sex story: writing requires thought, concentration, focus; space and ability to think, concentrate, focus; those goodies … Continue reading

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maybe there really is something to the within/without/above/below

or, maybe there is a Publish button in the brain that is activated when pushing a Publish button on a blog or…. yes, or a publishing platform or outfit on the net. A magic happens; leaps over hurdles, which were … Continue reading

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dear internet

hey you know I love you or if love be hyperbole, I am at the least hopelessly yoked to thy multitudes of treasures: gimp, inkscape, three-dee-modeling, independent publishing; blogs; and should the mood flower there is the plethora of delectable … Continue reading

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