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now for a touch of texture

Bet it wasn’t all so cosmopolitan. The center, maybe, possibly, probably, the center. It would be if any was. And the hoity and the toity always manage to stake a slimy outpost they train travel agents to call resorts somewhere … Continue reading

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some of the colors

by the time the sides graduate to adherence these they lay today will be well on their way to the land of steamed kitchen stoneware or the tinge a gentle word can say is naught but a touch gray, or … Continue reading

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some of the sounds

whoosh, whistle, blast a bleep and even the siren is to speech not even sort of metaphor for pacing, that the senses seem awash in perpetual careen, is nearer to being sleepily deceived, yet this means not in the slightest … Continue reading

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Hey this ton weighs a tuna! Now how for a godly sake can the trim of a buzzer have a chance of getting gotten to while hauling these burdens while still too green with the dodge of the wrath the … Continue reading

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these bears arms may squeeze except when it’s August a ban does not fall but a parent lost in a lemonade binging dream draining dry Turk and Floridian may take care to not let a tyke whose attention span tips … Continue reading

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pack of watchdogs a rush of river a flood filling a manor which sentry’s paces hadn’t gotten too pointy but now at every window and prowling every gate backs bristle and eyes are kept wide all day and night if … Continue reading

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“Is that a rise way over or sort of down, that the colleague squints at? If so, if it is, if the special level measuring utensil we have right here in this satchel that is not real leather, for we … Continue reading

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