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an exercise in senseless nonsense

The war-weary waters the portrait sheds at least add a touch of salt to dinner, which happens to be fish known by cold sea creatures that labor far from the tropics, rough in speech indeed they can be; but none … Continue reading

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many homes

I was another when we created island paintings on an ocean of ivory which in turn composed a ready-made gallery, at least until the day of the washing machine. How in the hell I let us get suckered rightward makes … Continue reading

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never quitting but scouring

All this dross draws from losing sea access. In those days a sensuality, raw, shapely like a vase for a chosen rose seeped through each moment; whether the tulips from the gypsy vendors by the pavement for a celebratory day … Continue reading

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reporting from an excursion in entertainment

granted the internet invites wackos (and a wacko need not pose a danger just for being wacko, as all of us participate in relativity) but meeting them at the grocery store would not likely trip the wacko wire; probably carry … Continue reading

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regrets oh there’s a few

Had fewer of God’s people bulldozed my nature I’d surely fled their clutches much earlier. Maybe it’s a hazy ace, but just to save face, fantastic tales and poetic delivery with otherworldly imagery can make for an alluring package deal … Continue reading

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fiction or non? Who really knows

A bodily element does contribute a slithering hand into the mixture the table displays in its approximate central circumference, or the bowl exposing virgin peach scrunched between a pair of apples; but none of that matters and besides, it is … Continue reading

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improper usage

You know U and I are right next to each other. Had a question been posed about the positions of U and I, I’d likely floundered for a bit in thoughtful remembrance, though a day does not pass that I … Continue reading

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