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some of the bad, some of the good

Reading articles on the internet about life prior to the internet had this mustang’s head going nod, nod, nod especially the smut magazine lines, as in haywire action in the nerves; sometimes angels would leave one in the woods. So … Continue reading

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one more test before bedtime

adventures pulling up the juncture could not at all mind the sweet sticky deal coming as a complete surprise plunging to the depths processors able to claim ancient pedigree. Electricity a participant, the haywire effect makes perfect sense. But how … Continue reading

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so maybe the missionary field was the calling after all

admittedly the mission is fuzzy but in a minimum sense, which really might come out funny when floating with clouds, through memory’s haze the theme calls it space. But go easy on these missionaries whose travels have given them thirsty … Continue reading

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this poem contains the first glimmer in long time

Consciousness topics interest me a lot, to such an extent that when the heat is high I camp around so-scented article counties and townships, however, keeping sacred virtues apart as experiential teachings affirm that wisdom is aware that going out … Continue reading

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the war of atmospheres rages, rages

the sneaky slimy sun was not always a sneaky slimy sun but had gone over to this dark dank side during a time when stresses aimed brute blazes directly into quarters once assumed private and allowed no space in which … Continue reading

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nothing like initial moisture touch

cloth masks are of course optional in this valley of such wonderful fine wine renown (guests hold lips agape after they taste their fingertips, so rich and thick does the atmosphere perform slow backstrokes in the bouquet). None intimate with … Continue reading

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maybe the path opens at last

The line of twiddles, scratches and twitches put in flight an emergency searcher and dripping down the line-designer’s chin (many a droplet stubbornly clinging) was a sheepish vibe of a rusty hue. The labor that last thrust demanded means familiar … Continue reading

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