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for the millionth beginning

a beginning pacing space stubbed a toe on a concept and looking down saw it said The Middle of Nowhere as in and as if to tease this beginning pacing space as the assumption assumed this beginning’s private office existed … Continue reading

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note from self to self

Red alarm flares groan about danger as in there is this web that your head is presently a prisoner in. When did you last let a destiny draw whatever card that happens to fall and let the feet write the … Continue reading

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Well for survival we’ve little alternative available apart from a brutal severance. Looking at ink’s wet history, it appears a t went where a c would’ve worked better. But no one predicted the tornado visitation on this gem of a … Continue reading

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Gentlemen, expenditures purplish wizards have divvied because of entrusted futures for the sake of keeping resources safely enough away from strafing interference specialists working for the sand-kicking side, and speak of the devil speaking of storms bringing sudden interruption, it … Continue reading

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an act of poetic frustration pt2

But these deeper and more profound propositions were yet but glints in these beginnings or this one chaos of a beginning when all the pertinent things mingled and milled without knowing why they mingled and milled or where they’d been … Continue reading

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an act of poetic frustration

At the beginning of this adventure, all things ordained to be pertinent mingled and milled without having much idea what they were doing or where they were to go or that they were to do things or go places. They … Continue reading

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looking for the old days

I miss not writing about me, becoming a leaf on a lark and being okay not knowing why the lark appeared and letting it stay for it need not be a bird. And if a period lands where it lands, … Continue reading

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