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Oh Moron Moi

All this time the right word hid. I mean about the quandary of erotica or non-erotica or anything really. The word is Graphic. Or the scale. Suggestive on one end and graphic on the other. The word Pussy is neither. … Continue reading

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to they the fates did not assign this mission to

no matter the place or level: published, seeking a publisher, self-published, trying to self-publish; whether the audience towers in the millions or if only one loved one admits an interest, the mission is the same: building buildings we’ve never been … Continue reading

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Mixins & Fixins

so I took a few from one and a couple of the story-poems from another, plus added a few fresh ones, and put them into one book, plus, I think I finally came up with a pseudonym I like, but … Continue reading

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So long as you write what you wish to write…

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here we go resurrecting again

a battle tossing bombardment in the bowels of a bottle, needing to blow, so all the bullets and balls that simmer so near the border of the molten, may once and for all, spill, and spill hugely. And so the … Continue reading

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catching up

I am this world’s dumbest dumbass. Slowest slowpoke. Densest stupid stone. Or to come from a more sympathetic angle, I was born with a genetic map that causes me to do everything backwards. Or a blindness to the obvious. Get … Continue reading

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the most delicious weakness

Running late again. Seems like they’d ironed all schedule kinks by now. But that’s the state of public wind craft transportation. No surprise but no less an annoyance. What’s with these wind crafts these days? Or this route. Whoever runs … Continue reading

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