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and my inner four-year old did this

maybe the thing to do is to incorporate words oh happy new year rah-rah *disclaimer: just in case any genuinely accomplished artists out there see this and cringe and say wtf is this – yeah I’m at the beginning of … Continue reading

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my inner three-year-old did this

and can’t wait to do another

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and then there is a time

to fiddle with Krita’s mind-boggling array of whistles & bells and let technology do the rest

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there is a time to try and understand what a tutorial is teaching

and there is a time to tune in to the pleasure signals for the sheer sole sake of doing what feels good or who’s to say the latter shouldn’t be the preferred way of discovery for some of us

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whatever appears real

is pretty much accidental (discovered bushes or trees – I called the woman to show her my first tree but she said it was more like a bush – hey, first bush, that’s okay too).

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why continue the charade

I can’t draw or paint worth beans but I keep coming back to messing with this stuff and I can doodle and scribble and try to figure out glossary terms sun-up to sundown and into the deepest depth of night … Continue reading

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senseless ramble to keep from losing my marbles

Sparrow don’t take too kindly to taking orders. Neither does the agitation-addled junco. Snow doesn’t seem to bother the sassy bastards. Maybe in their dimension they are wearing coats. What I do know: watching juncos beats feeding goats, although knowledgeable … Continue reading

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