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oh what a bafflement

who could guess poetry had enemies? and spirits get edgy when around it? – because it can be anything? or choose to stroll the street decked in pink mums? Who could imagine that grown men guarded by sharp-shooting armor are … Continue reading

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these times

both trees come from insane seeds and waited until the winter to unmask their truest nature on the greener trusting saplings the trees take turns torturing with a river of inanity

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distant, so distant

a cup of the brownest sugar hasn’t strength to sweeten this broth, boiling, bitter. Mojo mirth in freedom found is imprisoned in a myth.

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twister nonsense

the monster mutters and squints as it prepares to land the cloud it pilots on a strip clearly fertile and where a rich green is represented thickly; daisies dance to airborne melodies a southern climate cultivates and in front of … Continue reading

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I know why my mojo goes away

Scram, skedaddle and shoo oh ye mood polluter annoying and vile. Well rah-rah you are preaching for your team – as do opponents whose numbers compete. Must be nice to never fret or second-guess every aspect of everything from the … Continue reading

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doubting revelry

Excuse me for my wayward attitude. You see I missed seminary ivy. You know there are such things as libraries; encyclopedias; or a sleek swift perched on a line, trilling, while watching the river slide by. And how do you … Continue reading

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soppy supper

the diner drooling regarded supper grateful the haunches were very tender, saying with gravy diving off the fork absently held aloft – we are lucky our chef is not cut from a poet tree, as in being moody when serving … Continue reading

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