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this third cycle

deep in the autumn; foreign city subway rides to meet the missus under the statue of a nineteenth century military hero are inside alive but outside where the wines and chicks are hot are far and amazing how they can … Continue reading

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and the breeze tries to explain

I cannot linger here all day and if you do not act rather than stagger down the hallway your dreamy world made real we shall do nothing together but wither, and the advisory board concerning the natural may conclude that … Continue reading

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this time… this time, really, this time

it is true my train is ample in room so went the reply from the ambling breeze. Cities have gone gloomy I should warn you just in case you were hoping to see one and yes that means you may … Continue reading

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ah, back to the happy place

sorting through a treasure trove of sentimental jewels the leaf on the verge of a flight across the grove espies the breeze; relief is a watery wash as a desire to court is born. You see I am no heavyweight … Continue reading

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didn’t realize

the depth of the depression that fell over my basic psyche after november 2008 I guess because it lasted so long I got used to it? Like when you’re undergoing slow torture and it’s always a pain but you get … Continue reading

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pleasantly surprised

last post on current affairs and it might be a bit cloudy because I’m not used to waking up to a day as bright and happy as this I never like the Clintons. I tried and tried to like Obama. … Continue reading

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to get it off my mind

Political figures were always about the lowest you can get on my scale of personal values and priorities. I mean, just their existence always felt like a rude intrusion into a preference for the idle and idyll styles. But I … Continue reading

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