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from a rainy Sunday

It isn’t that a rainy view is gloomy. Hardly. If bushy greenery plays backup one can smile at the thought of nubile nobles closer than logicians allow belief in they being neither invisible nor mythical, just bathing, all bathing, upstairs, … Continue reading

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messing with fresh excerpts

Somehow a fisherman alert had reached the fishes in the river and they’d spread the word and warning about falling prey to temptation’s perils by biting into strange tidbits that might dangle; or to at least give what tempted thorough … Continue reading

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a Saturday evening posting

have to say she’s bushing rather nicely, dense and thick her spindles though one wound sticks out brazen so she can’t model for the public as though the crew hadn’t visited her and shaved and sheared and trimmed – oh … Continue reading

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this little meander comes from this evening

so the cool one, the pickle, a sweet kind of pickle, the mate the more acrid, a real sourpuss, never satisfied and not the fantasy, fantastic, solitary dream not satisfied as in demanding more, the wild sweaty slick-limbed feline-fox, smelly … Continue reading

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now for an afternoon meander

less about upheaval more about some harmless fun – joy-filled tickle in, if a circle or two, a band of perfect or politeness-bred circles may shiver or redden and now and then explode, ejaculating public curses, turn up a nose … Continue reading

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and a somewhat related morning meander

except the operator having ingested so many free cocktails and too many were far too fruity so their perils were less plain than the whiskey the real and raw adventurer guns for breakfast on a plateau and chewing up fatback … Continue reading

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tonight’s sketchy meander

the claws erred as had to happen for though the engineer had precision by the pocketfuls knowing cross hairs more intimately than a pretty woman’s fluffy tummy hairs and how to grip and squeeze levers cast in forges in a … Continue reading

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