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empires rise and fall, riches are gained and lost, countries form and disintegrate, boundaries shift, properties come and go, inventions appear and become antiques, these-those wings assume powers only to succumb to corruption. Shakespeare is still going strong.

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dude you died when I was nine

thick bass lines lave that spongy floor for shuffling and kittens and puppies who made the earthlings believe they’d left forever are paw in paw and meows bubble and woofs pluck in perfect syncopation and trumpets toot jazz free though … Continue reading

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throwing a funeral

the casket is the blue as happy places paint celebratory bashes as galas and grand balls unafraid of drenching the floors in fluidity praising fluorescence gallons of melted opal glad to pour lather bold and we might encounter a snag … Continue reading

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wrong cabin

Old Man Blankenship carved a woody reason to take himself to the outdoors and destine leathern footfalls to the store around the corner, substance for smoking a prominent totem glaring purple from the hard and proud pole of all reasons, … Continue reading

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Monday morning pick me up.

impossible to not reblog this beautiful truth

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how do we know?

“Will one of us tell that breeze we are plenty dizzy already?” “You tell that breeze we are plenty dizzy already – you may note my lobes flap quicker thus to speak up is a fluttering chore.” “Dizzy. So we … Continue reading

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well now that we’ve solved why we wrestled beyond exhaustion’s generous capacity for explanation – yep a tricky trick, the salivation story entailing buzzer or bell, but that’s eastern ways and why the westward push romanced brethren weary of working … Continue reading

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