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new mini-adventure:2

So they hoisted backpacks out of the Chevrolet bed or rather he hoisted, did the hoisting, hoisting hers before he hoisted his “Five idle minutes you may loiter,” the he said, “for none but thee controls your Chevrolet action if … Continue reading

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instilled (cont)

Actually it was a My Three Sons memory that popped up mysteriously for My Three Sons preceded The Waltons and hated both – no not hatred – revulsion no not revulsion – see, boys like John Boy and Chip – … Continue reading

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From whence came seed (or why for) that when sprouted did send shoots intent on intimacy, a harmless flirt affair for the stalking in a mildly bent form though formality will get no card; hear a whistle calling for a … Continue reading

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emigre (sensate variety)

brand new complex a mere four moments by feet set on mosey and moonshine is there, so too is the clementine and can stop on the way to home sweet home and duck in the warm dough den and tell … Continue reading

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new mini adventure:1

The Chevrolet came off the line about the time color television entered and a beachcomber ran a risk of cutting a big toe on a tab ripped from a Schlitz, thrown in sand. Anyway the Chevrolet that pertains might’ve in … Continue reading

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fifteen minutes through chill and slush excuse for a fishing excursion not really much slush, not the walks which boots have walked, boots hugging verde saplings or does in denims same thing, many things, winter be damned

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Father Does Know Best

“Why can’t I go?” “It is rife with deviance and madness.” The quester frowned and had the font not been the family’s head hatred may’ve been no secret. “Our cultural expedition counselor – who will also guide us – claims … Continue reading

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