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No it isn’t art. It’s that crazy thing once known as Fun.

make a pencil doodle, open a free paint program, dribble some colors, find the smudger, add a photograph,¬†and mess around until moved to say, “hey that’s pretty cool” or until the mouse arm falls off – definitely gotta look into … Continue reading

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trapped in a horrible doodle

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Doodle Inc…

Haven’t yet learned to draw-draw but by golly, might as well start incorporating a few doodles

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maybe it doesn’t matter

Close plot, wrong plant? Cyclic digging Or is it seasonal? Situational? One may believe their genes were made to wear suntan lotion and chase pretty things in bikinis. But that’s not feasible nor very sane to do so in a … Continue reading

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but it isn’t very realistic

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and then along came

a whole lotta mayhem keep meaning to get back to the writing, but it just isn’t there these days, and that nagging sensation bubbles that maybe it was all self-delusion. Or maybe it was true in a time and that … Continue reading

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this is more like it

The afternoon cloud controller formed an irritated scowl; of course, the scowl was formed on the countenance of the afternoon cloud controller; the scowl formation born because of a sudden ringing sensation crying from the telecom screen. Now a ringing … Continue reading

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