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volunteer lab rat report

– So I made it through one full first draft and about a quarter (okay well under a quarter) of the first rewrite. The most I’ve ever accomplished, in length, when trying to tackle a novel-length something. I knew it … Continue reading

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_ dearest cannot be seen but as a morsel that can addict anyone divineĀ  – and now clearly is seen as quite a wild thing, a joyously, endlessly, delightful wild one – the only wish is divorces could be done … Continue reading

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the usual news, good-bad

_ the stumble went and tripped on both tongues like a want to say something clever as cheerful, but nothing of the sort could come to any kind of consolidation in time so the comment was handed out about being … Continue reading

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long as possible

Originally posted on Timmy the Scribbler:
– verticals in the forest wink and play with matches; may or may not care if a neighbor is in nightly retirement, and as many are metal as wood, but all are quite alive;…

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and at the risk

at the risk of entering Obvious Land, for the poor suckers amongst us who got bit by the word-bug, if you find a way or ways or voice or voices or style or styles you enjoy employing when you write … Continue reading

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oh but then

— — oh but then just when the whole project forces a hypercritical review of questions because the word-bulk work finally came to pass, and the wistful eye waters about the days of sketching short pictographic poetic pieces, that pile … Continue reading

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then just before the finish line/about adult passages

I’ll just say it: I wish I had the balls to sling out pure porn (as fiction of course). But I don’t have those balls. Sexy writing or writing that intends to portray human bodies writhing together under the power … Continue reading

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