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an ideal circle

Painting a brook would be this preference. Musing on the village of mossy hills without the call of the cursed church clock tickling the periphery as in playing the perpetual threat, and reveling dearly therein. Pray tell how in the … Continue reading

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dusting off the buttons and levers

Surely carnivores are in camouflage rehearsal; and maybe this means the birds can rest their weary wings without worry, this night at least; maybe they do not keep track of time except for sundown chickens. Then again the wolves likely … Continue reading

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oh but they are only feathery things

Skedaddle ye intrusive scoundrel foul. Shall consensus assume the sweat droplets staining these virginal papery plains are for your greenish truths invisible? Oh the gruffness cuffing petulant cheeks is quite far flung from an operetta scene and nigh a light … Continue reading

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Another Beginning to Another Disastrous Story-Poem-Thing

Seagull Stanley tapped the sandpaper stationary; not because of the blank he mentally drew about the words he should and would write using the sleekly chic angel-soft quill, but because part of what his wishes were in regards to the … Continue reading

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So an old familiar predicament has come to visit. Or it said it meant a brief visit; didn’t seem to notice the curtain of disbelief that fell over my humble countenance. Exploration of this personality racket. The types. Cognitive functions. … Continue reading

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live testing from a new (and much quieter, privacy-friendly) location

Their mission was to seek and to capture and labor to tame rebellious spheres. Proper names must never be publicized; keep authentic identities darkened; hunters had to use fabricated cards though they had to purchase their own wallets not to … Continue reading

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the motivation

I am driven to become capable with visuals because I’d really like to do stuff like this.

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