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poeticized practice piece pulled (pppp) from a wip

a gnat never comfortable trying to fit in with a swarm and loiter around heads, pestering them, found happiness could be had in being alone, really took to the role of a maverick gnat, who also happened to be the … Continue reading

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working in shapes

Time took up sculpting but decided one day there must be a better way for a century with a taste for gargoyle gore to expend libido especially with virgins coming to this coastal community rich in educational institutes. Of course … Continue reading

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working on woodsy scenes

the panther our spotlight softly reveals inherited slink from an ancient midnight union, so silent printing techniques come from instinct that shall never know adulteration; for viewers eyes roll and whiskers twitch with a black humor at how a cricket … Continue reading

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another oldie repost

“Good thing you called. Almost forgot. I mean I would’ve – it would’ve slipped my mind.” “It’s why the auto-call – it’s why we installed the auto-call. Most – most of us forget when it is our turn to man … Continue reading

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a piece from a forgotten wip (need to get back to it)

She called him a true bastard. A true selfish bastard. She raised her hand as if to claw him but she did not limit her weaponry to the one hand but then had both hands raised as if to claw … Continue reading

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amorous aims

swab at leisure gratis kisses along the ridges aching for succor or as burn breezes as they are known in the season when hesitation vacations on the globe’s opposing hemisphere; in the heat the hat comes off the noble gent … Continue reading

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Oh so the mystical sticky tap must remain reserved for when a chosen vessel stumbles along on the woodsy path leafy boughs canopy; a path a fowl passel flattened over fall. It is no wonder then that what the teacher … Continue reading

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