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Scientists Grow Tiresome Fast

Usefulness? Utility? Fucking serious? How sad gullible gullets will swallow that nonsense which is a rotting polecat carcass compared to a delightful nonsense wallow; serves no purpose, nonsense? Isn’t the stripping of a purpose a purpose? But we know what … Continue reading

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trying to get back to the Main Thing (again : continued)

“If you could play imperfect,” Sonny Youngblood the local skunk in his opioid tone slipped his tongue to intone just when Robert the robin-headed robot produced his yellow harmonica and was about to proceed, “like one bum note per hundred … Continue reading

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trying to get back to the Main Thing (again : #lost count)

so Robert the robin-headed robot was relaxing one Sunday afternoon on the cement bench by the basin where birds now and then bathed rains yesterday freshened and where three oak leaves leapt from their high places just to see if … Continue reading

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ever do this?

ever do this? happen upon a story or some poetry you’d set aside and forgot about and you start to read it and it’s pretty good and you wonder why you ever set it aside because that was months ago … Continue reading

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Look, I ain’t a pushy guy. I find fault with all things I do. The cover is terrible. The innards could stand a so-slight scoot to the right. But other than that, I can really recommend this book. There is … Continue reading

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feel kinda good but kinda bad

feel good about the latest passion that is a Zazzle store, though I got a hell of a lot to learn and a hell of a lot of work to do; feel kinda bad for all the poems I posted … Continue reading

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more learning

I think the idea is to make stuff – poems, stories, books, designs, etc – that you would like to read, have, wear…. for the writing stuff, it’s no problem for me to read what I like to read, but … Continue reading

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