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something like so, cont.

Hard to imagine western star ignorance, though completely innocent ignorance. Roy Orbison. Roy Clark. Jackie Gleason. Jonathan Winters. Martin and Sinatra. Yeah those guys are givens. Everyone knows Martin and Sinatra. Only thing it was was my good luck that … Continue reading

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something like so

Phantasm came around about the time I turned the corner and a smile peeked from my tiny inner window at the sight of the now-familiar buildings working with trees in corridor formation. Familiar for them as they’d been working on … Continue reading

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re: pretty much everything

As if it isn’t obvious the previous post is just another reworking of a thing that began as prosy-paragraphs. I’m not saying the thing itself has much of a future. Just using it for an example out of many potential … Continue reading

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ornaments (redo)

Ornamentation. Yes the discussed ornamentation. Ornamentation for the corner. Yes that corner.  Well no it never did get adequate attention as far as the structure; it may be true muscle was applied but it’s pretty easy to see it was … Continue reading

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deities (redo)

Well that was unexpected. Not sure the mood is rightly ripe for it. Yeah well last night a few of the fathers came over and brought their gals and their gals and the gal still in bed was already here … Continue reading

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poetic-paragraphic-prosy-stanzas-decisions decisions

Here’s the thing: I never thought of myself as a poet. Still don’t. Or writer. Can’t say those words, like, “I am a ______.” I’ll admit a touch of envy towards those who have clarity of direction. Decide where they … Continue reading

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mind on paper in the night zone cornered undressed pear cowers leopard slinks up the nap time limb controls the power in her purr

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