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more granular scenes

so one crew member, hooded, but sweaty, turned to the crew member adjacent who was also hooded and sweaty, for uniforms for this work were fit with hoods as though Antarctica was their assignment, which this assignment location floated very … Continue reading

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granular scene

The wind crew working the heavens had scooped granules from the waters as each had before coming here grabbed their tool, each tool bearing insignia and a number or insignia which a string anchored, the string, one string per, composed … Continue reading

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Nina’s embarkation lays in a place more distant than the route Marco Polo took. Swiss had Calvin, the Scots, Knox, Lutherans Luther, and peasant poontang too mysterious, as many as the Good Lord’s emissaries as could queue up quick enough … Continue reading

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total addict

The word is Opium. Opium may be the wrong symbolic substance, but opium as a word, love the word, opium, though the real deal never did a dance or even winked for any cellular thrill and this city is pure … Continue reading

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what is

yellow is the mainstay bright color or the form the resistance is given glow. Blue gets a few roles, mostly pedestrian, though a rare jewel, her hair tied, gold, her walk telling the world her chauffeur lesson was uplifting… the … Continue reading

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saw something about trying to write with eyes closed – don’t think I ever tried that. Hm. Must explore. Wow it’s fucking dark. Wow it’s gucking dark. This darkness is fucking seret. Vur I aww  RWxhwe qi a pencul skirt. … Continue reading

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none else

a personal-public message for anyone who may need it it’s something I too often forget. Not so much because of gullibility but more like what I’ve become interested in or whatever at any given point in life has captivated my … Continue reading

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