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the best comedy is anyone saying they are certain of anything

Granting no one really knows a damn thing, subjective travel experiences appear in these lean years to gravitate towards rhythm’s importance – it often gets a shafting of sorts – possibly due to naturally hurrying humans who would not be … Continue reading

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in this I wonder if I am a one-percenter

Of all the wonders that clamor for jaw-gaping amazement, a blue gargantuan ribbon is long overdue as in the ease of instilling in humans fear of enjoyment in general, and the phenomenal scourge does not single out the righteous protestant … Continue reading

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glad I don’t know for sure

Should such mind-blowing passages act as tenements to renters or play as resident houses – these metaphorical residents symbolizing radical fact, the thing one wonders on is who is the true talk generator and who would the talker talk to; … Continue reading

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the purpose remembered

Figuring out what it’s even vaguely about. That this motivation remained so well hidden as revolutions came and went; that it never utilized the white flag; that ridicule was told to take its knack elsewhere, such as dictator thrones; well … Continue reading

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for the millionth beginning

a beginning pacing space stubbed a toe on a concept and looking down saw it said The Middle of Nowhere as in and as if to tease this beginning pacing space as the assumption assumed this beginning’s private office existed … Continue reading

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I guess anything ought to be fair game. I say so after experiences expressly designed to drive men bonkers. They entail rabbit holes. They know their cute noses and twitches and whiskers are explicitly irresistible. Thank someone managing the Universe … Continue reading

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general purpose

put this mark a bit off-center using the handiest pencil and a notice of neon that blinks but is not obtrusive will not author an error by asking in a reminiscent throb whatever could be the belief causative creating a … Continue reading

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