An Updated About

If prizes could be given for slowness, I think I could easily qualify for a Super Slowpoke Award.

What I mean by that is it seems the most obvious answers appear out of nowhere and administer a big wallop.

What I mean by that, is, I read about trying to define purposes – what is the blogger-writer-poet-wordsmith offering?

And I’ve had a devil of a time trying to nail this one down. Many a night and day that added up to many a week and then months and yes, a couple years, flowed to the cascades and went into the depths, and did so like the smoothest creamy dessert in the universe.

But I think it finally came. An alternative. I guess the hope I hope for with what I try to write, is to offer an alternative. An alternative to the mainstream? Alternative to what is trending or prevalent? An alternative to the conventional? Maybe a simple, all-purpose, alternative. Certainly not the only alternative, but certainly another alternative.

Oh and a wish for the visitor/reader to feel comfortable. This ethic would apply across the board: short blog post to the novel I will yet someday produce, and even on the new island I found at zazzle and learning about design.

I shall come back to this page and elaborate a bit more as inspiration guides.

Hope that makes a bit of sense.

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