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haven’t yet a clue what they are

that they wear countenances cute or that they wear monstrous masks is irrelevant to this theme; and saying the name will betray an addiction to slavery and not the kind found in sexy fantasies but the opposite of that better … Continue reading

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frazzled fuses – the crisis continues

A correction is in order regarding that fiction memo true that about the big box of bibles and the equally big box of bugles, and that this crisis drives all of us nuts, which is the invaders’ ultimate goal, and … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Less-Free-Write

Believe it or not I do not want to write about you as though I am obliged to worship you and set all my toys aside and burn all my trivial dreams for the sake of fixing ear and eye … Continue reading

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this poetry’s ditch

Yesterday’s meander so happily lackadaisical had to someday taper into an uphill grinding slog just when the season turneth to thaw, and the meadows level and lush in virgin whites and decadent reds a fountain’s busy pummeling trims, all carry … Continue reading

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This Poet’s Predicament

Hemmed in an agenda jungle, herded on the writing of writhing barge while mountains green and brown, with lips and language talents, exchange quips, or they did exchange quips until the dark realists invaded and found talking mountains; and sedans … Continue reading

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what I’m up against

Readers, your humble Poet resides in a zone under constant bombardment by belligerent bad mood spirits who possess all sorts of weapons meant to prevent sweet languor in abstract sprawl – it’s like they bred abrasives to specifically cripple word … Continue reading

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my readers, I have no words

What a surprise the chaff should sweep across these pages on the nose next to the sunrise commissioned to give a green light to the nouns aching to play with forbidden modifiers they’d maybe never consider before the warnings were … Continue reading

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