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2014 #194

so many acorns over the days have rained and so many rubber radials though fewer feet if joggers are discounted (hell they did they’re ten miles the other day, what’s got into them) have crushed so many acorns that have … Continue reading

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2014 #193

but the theme is an identical twin to the twin, the more tedious out of the humble pair, and maybe that’s why the constantly frustrated, shoulder-sagging, tobacco-spitting, coarse-voiced, emergency mood crew resorted to the blue jay this afternoon. Blue jay … Continue reading

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okay this is my great curiosity

Discussed this plenty of times. But it never fails in fascinating me. Why it is that I’ll read over something I’m working on and feel pretty good about it and another time – maybe even the same day – same … Continue reading

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2014 #192

should’ve shot some rocketry that New Year’s Eve back in Bucharest back when the world became Twelve. But I believed I’d never have to wonder how it feels to miss it so; hot wines and moonshine burns while waiting for … Continue reading

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2014 #191

when the fans that occupy the highlands catch the glue factory current and thus blows, like a farmer boy discovers blow, those fumes throughout what was a playground where laughing lips, grasping thighs, thrusting hips, permitted little true rest, well … Continue reading

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2014 #190

she is a lover whose waist shall not be grasped; her suitor shall be plenty pleased she will submerge kisses in velvet and as reward thickly slicks lips in cream     *I love the idea of mating words and … Continue reading

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2014 #189

yet doing to a human what is done to terms kept in basement terrariums is never asked for conference table presence or maybe attendance says it better but let us ignore please we must ignore the perforated rectangular papery door … Continue reading

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