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upnatem 2

Meanwhile the two tangents had slipped into silky lounge attire and their martini intake trespassed socially acceptable limits but to their credit they were cognizant enough to exchange vibrations though they could not escape what was there and then blur … Continue reading

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how to manage silly peasants

Welcome to the adjustment seminar where no form of insomnia has been able to withstand the political scientist’s tactics with tones that drone as fingers are wagged because of naughtiness and we just don’t seem to want to grow and … Continue reading

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Cracks in the pen announce an imminent squall and a landlord awakens in the nick of time and will stir a brownish pony and the dwarf in the loft who snores enough – meaning the landlord shall bring from slumber … Continue reading

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excerpt from a wip that became left in the dark (still scratching and scraping to get back in the writing saddle)

Well gosh missus narrator – you too mister primary narrator – both you narrators, gosh you – well all this here – the stoop on which we gathered guests feel so welcome – and that was a wonderful breakfast and … Continue reading

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not much burn here

so just how much wealth shall a peon’s basket possess before immorality begins to discolor all the hard poultry labors? Oh no cultivation for you if you already practice penmanship for letters that better utilize understated utilitarianism and surplus interests … Continue reading

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the track is one and true

this must be the territorial spread where abundance or scarcity is moot but would it be an entire state say the size of Switzerland that lilies with petals pink and supple yearn for the courtly bearer of the proboscis to … Continue reading

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stripping the varnish

the topic will turn to delicacy the eye would expect to find on a waitress’s delivery tray and every tongue ought to bless the creation of the waitress position and should certainly shun contumelious deed and word towards her no … Continue reading

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