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oh vin!

oh god and vin fiert – hot wine – you don’t bring it to the boil but oh do get it really hot and add the spices and enjoy all night; oh the vin fiert – the joy when winter … Continue reading

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a love of what is gripping

A perfect neighborhood would need no yellow and gold or red chrysanthemum or carnation clouds to deposit a basically mellow and harmless happy seer in and a perfect world would need no acts of charity or kindness or love and … Continue reading

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scratch scratch

thing is it would take a hell of a lot of oboes to blast the maggots ensconced where the maggots ensconced and reeds, folks keep fewer spares in dresser drawers about how spools coloring a den or coloring some sun … Continue reading

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in a little more

so my new or renewed quandaries would go on lines somewhat like: I want some strings that able hands know to use a bow on to begin this next composition but I’ve no real strings to access no matter how … Continue reading

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this just in

before calling it a day. And because it just came in it will call for further expansion tomorrow or the next or next day. Again – I’m slow and dense about this stuff. But being slow and dense makes it … Continue reading

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what is real and what is unreal

I’m certain it must be a coincidence that mere hours after posting that post about the difficulty in kicking the astrology habit because of not really believing in it, that a couple messages unrelated to each other but created similar … Continue reading

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The Timmy and Romania love affair began about a decade ago. Won’t go into it here. Came here with my wife a couple years ago to see about residing here. I just love it so much here – yeah I … Continue reading

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