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excerpt exercise featuring a morning monologue reverie

“Yellow songbird. About now would work. Wouldn’t shoo a yellow songbird’s flutter to the fence. If not now, about any dot popping in five minutes from now. Five minutes would work. Five bright minutes. Five minutes of brightness. But I … Continue reading

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trying to get back to what I like most (unfinished etch)

There was a lady old and mean who was not only old and mean but her heart had before she became old and mean fallen for the wily courting talents performed by soldiers soldiering for a country that worshipped all … Continue reading

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woe be we

missing Bucharest bad. Wish we’d stayed. Wish I’d set my foot down firmer. Pick one little detail and it expands enough to be a good enough reason – increase those separate details and each expands to become good enough reasons … Continue reading

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2014 #155

Eroticism is forbidden by more than religious design. The cultural aim is anyway seemingly such. Sermonizing gravitates to safety. But I saw the ladies returning from church. And weekday eves are jogger witnesses. So the spirit of this landscape makes … Continue reading

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2014 #154

Our sole course from here is elsewhere and I dare not entertain the crowd of buzzards freely cavorting as though the dreary heaven they doubtless peer from is a meadow we mortals must refrain from dreaming of, meaning the tempting … Continue reading

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what the heck

decided to put this back on the shelf for public consideration – my possibly shoddy shot at a novella or novella-length something. I haven’t read it over lately so it might be crappy but I seem to recall getting a … Continue reading

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to all the beautiful women in Romania

Originally posted on Timmy the Scribbler:
to all the beautiful women in Romania, I’m going to miss you most of all. Sure we have fine women back home. But the streets are mostly empty of pedestrians and this would include…

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