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sigh sigh oh here we go again

then from a nameless private fringe erupted an emotive blare that didn’t travel anywhere close enough to the crazy council stating unequivocal antagonism towards frivolity and whatever will dare giggle could possibly decipher so nothing changed about the call for … Continue reading

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summon the giggle squad

it’ll be the giggle that most disconcerts with its winding in the mouth where creamy mumbles cram as deep into caverns and as tight as a corporeal image bleeding breath can dare raise a centered standard in crumbly hopeless gasp … Continue reading

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as you say horseshoe I shall eat tacos far too high to question her nutrition as long as the screams do not turn bitter and a grudge is not nursed about bite marks and the storm shall profit a pseudonym … Continue reading

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onward now

surest recourse is a harbor where await characters cuddly versed in ardor arts and orate on the joy button-fiddles bestow upon the instrumentalist and the instrument fingers fret while eyes show lighthouse lights delight

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this must be a season of redoing-touching-up oldies

the rose who says a bold hello is but mirage and far less so bored thorns thus liberties must employ plenty slink on the petals

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and to conclude an afternoon of touching up oldies, this is a bona fide quickie

there are birds whose eyes are solar eclipses who permit a mortal a chance to glimpse into them briefly in exchange for a few breadcrumbs served on a windowsill     thanks for reading me today

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wow when one begins the chopping of prose, man it’s hard to stop-stop-stop-chop-chop-chop

The casual years. Those he recalled because he could recall a few and he was glad he had those few for his recollection because he could use what he could recollect for the instruction to the system that got installed … Continue reading

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