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and a by the by

for the millionth time it is all about perspective and scale – that relativity rigmarole and let’s extend this to pursed lists of what to and to not with some of the worst possible examples – and even if those … Continue reading

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scene-sketching practice #1

some fast food chain for now anonymous is busting out in sparkly smiles on this which must be elevated to one historic segment that can’t quite be called a night. So in this dusty segment the tanker driven by a … Continue reading

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little is that big of a deal

the trap rung in the textbook floral swarm from which misty midst the dreamland merchants honey the night with more meow than bark well it is in thinking all things must be slotted clean in an either or an or … Continue reading

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want want want

man do I miss the days where poetic posts were consistently frequent. once in a while I brave a brief review tour and see things were beginning to show an encouraging trend that bent upwards. Hit a stretch of time … Continue reading

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dear lords watson and jones, save us all

O someone, preferably a greater Someone than a lesser Someone, some strongly strong in academia, or a someone who oversees all that is of the academic and the civil, please but we are a multitude of the holy and the … Continue reading

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