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The only reason I look down on the green, yellow-striped man who with a casual earnestness scrapes up paper and a cup or two from the curb, his mission in this town an eye-contorting quandary, being her reputation precedes her … Continue reading

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try to relax more

long as the light is dim, curtain sashes set and calm midway along the radiator flank, the fruit bruises are less noticeable as a room or a mind may be a mess to an eye whose standards could stand a … Continue reading

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Pig ribs came from the town the real Dracula actually lived in some handful of raw centuries ago. It’s a tower, standing tall but not as tall as one would think, almost looks like a movie prop, but prop it … Continue reading

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passage of hours begins to amount to a monumental outpour from a fateful afternoon academic lesson where giddiness squirts all over pages prior neglected, bound and covered in which a soul had grown so hard while seasons frolicked within window … Continue reading

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warm trend

Hooves dredge thawed muck though the air is clear of panic or haste, just the weighty sinks, the disappearances, or could be disappearances, if it was as it was or will be or has felt around daffodil time, which isn’t … Continue reading

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crawling, crawling very slow

dandelion dressed rebellious could pass for half a daughter to a sunflower or distant cousin mistaken for an orchid absent of concern for blood if seats could be rearranged and place cards shuffled and name tags botched just too late … Continue reading

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Hope was getting back to some of those sprouts like the Institute or even those woodsy Epic Adventures. So many sprouts needing water and general care, much tender, but if ill-guided, need to teach but not nag about inappropriate touches … Continue reading

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