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sudden grrrr thought

Whenever I read or hear someone write or say that thing that goes, “we humans are social beings” I just can’t help but consider or think: so you’re saying I’m not a human? does this mean we are enemies (by … Continue reading

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Actually kinda like this one

it says: at the end of the day there is really little cause over which to be pissed off or to nurture bitter sentiments, especially if the bitter sentiments concern fellow human beings. That’s why I get up at midnight. … Continue reading

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In a Sanctuary…

Don’t look now but we are surrounded by bunnies and birds. Must be the all-purpose corny flavor; bet these hills host fewer that are fatter and this includes the wild black ones marked with vivid passion streaks like officers of … Continue reading

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glad I don’t know for sure

Should such mind-blowing passages act as tenements to renters or play as resident houses – these metaphorical residents symbolizing radical fact, the thing one wonders on is who is the true talk generator and who would the talker talk to; … Continue reading

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then again…

Few are the activities that accommodate greater pleasure than hunting for sacred cows for the sake of archery practice. If the would-be poet is to nurture relevance in irreverence, well, obviously, something somewhere must be revered by someone – and … Continue reading

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So an old familiar predicament has come to visit. Or it said it meant a brief visit; didn’t seem to notice the curtain of disbelief that fell over my humble countenance. Exploration of this personality racket. The types. Cognitive functions. … Continue reading

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it might be an issue with crowds

I’m an easy-going guy who is caught between respecting what anyone thinks (better, much better, if he or she may be so kind as to show events and folds) or chooses to believe or believe they should believe a belief, … Continue reading

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