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in order to maximize delight in wording, the surrounding conditions need to be conducive. Seems like it goes to one end or the other. Very little middle. Conditions completely disallow unencumbered rambling and exploring or they are near perfect. The … Continue reading

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word as verb?

I’ve never been comfortable with phrases such as ‘I am a writer/poet’. Feels kind of confining. Maybe the super self-critical tendency sticks a thumb in the mix. I mean I like it. Like them. Words. But maybe not even that … Continue reading

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note to self

there’s that adage about Time being a healer. I suppose it was coined for a reason. But it can go another way too. It can cloud judgement. I mean you might’ve been in a place you were not suited for; … Continue reading

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citation blues

the agent pauses mid-stride on his trek towards the shade-shrouded stoop where lies bloom as multicolored caricatures complete with feet that leave waddle prints and the agent while in his pause took the time to give his head a nonchalant … Continue reading

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red alert

crisis is in play at the cinema since the stagehands under executive orders were directed to redesign the insignia so that more red would help the company cash in on passion except placements have been detrimental to the local pursuit … Continue reading

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oldie redo

frequent breaks from routine must be the crowning recommendation. Too many pills are eaten for what as little as a quart of Calm never and never will fail doing and this truth is known only from a subjective stumble smacking … Continue reading

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reworking a verse tale…. sample beginning

Mack was a crow who never viewed his image as aged as others viewed his image or he as aged; except when he’d happen to catch his reflection in the casually eventful flights he’d take to clear his head where … Continue reading

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