some of the bad, some of the good

Reading articles on the internet
about life prior to the internet
had this mustang’s head going nod, nod, nod

especially the smut magazine lines,
as in haywire action in the nerves;
sometimes angels would leave one in the woods.

So the old moratorium arose
or the old moratorium idea,
due to simple sunsets and sunrises;

lasted a good five hours, and by god
a bunch of them codgers hit a bullseye.
Yet. Blogging kitchen poetry is dope.

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Did I just see the light?

in case this blog is yet visible
(I forget why or how I ended up with two that are about the same – sorry for any possible confusion)

Come To Timmy

am I having a damascus moment?
after forty years in the wilderness?
suckered in by cocky rock star excess?

This is what happens while exploring words
and investigating Commodity.
I was always a horrible salesman

and conventions felt alien, evil.
Talk about branding always left me cold.
Got a mind to put everything here.

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when they mess with my Holy Book

Come To Timmy

On the off chance that I am not the last literature-leaning person on earth to become aware of what is known as #cockygate, I feel lividly motivated to add my mostly unknown voice to the fray. It has roused the ire of this ordinarily live-let-live easygoing gentleman here in these rocky boonies.

Anyone who dabbles as a hobbyist or has achieved a full-time job status in a realm that so much as tickles a relation to the usage of words that happen to fall anywhere on the informative-creative continuum, should consider it chilling that someone is able to legally take possessive ownership of a single word and given power to prohibit anyone else’s use of a single word. This person (and thanks to this person there are more persons aiming to foster a sort of exclusive orgy that illustrates what happens with an indiscriminate mixing of arrogance, entitlement, and stupidity)…

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the great cocky storm cloud kerfuffle

Come To Timmy

this might be the working title of the next novella:

The Great Cocky Storm Cloud Kerfuffle


The Great Cocky Storm Cloud Extra Cocky Kerfuffle

and will use the pen name, Cocky Timmy Somethingrothr

and the pages will be numbered: cocky page 1, cocky page 2, cocky page 3

same with chapters (for the someday novel-length-in-waiting): Cocky Chapter 1, Cocky Chapter 2….


Timmy the sometimes-Cocky Blogging Poet

*this post was inspired by the late learning of what is known as cockygate…. the deranged creature responsible for this idiocy, well, it’s a real piece of work

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cocky cocky cocky (yeah I live under a rock, kinda), just heard about cockygate

Come To Timmy

caught a chicken trying to crow.
Yeah just like a chesty cockerel.

A bit like the pre-dawn rising,
found me feeling downright cocky.

I mean as cocky as when young
when I knew naught but cocky struts.

Cocky cocky cocky, oh how cocky.
Heavens! Heavens! Psychos live among us!

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periodic reminder manifesto

Come To Timmy

I cannot write a ‘real story’
and to be honest I have a hard time
getting interested in writing
what the pros would call a ‘real story’.
What I can do, and what I like to do
(like? Heck it’s love all the way baby)
is begin at such and such point
or with such and such word, and ramble,
and ramble, sometimes for a length
arbitrarily predestined, say,
two-k or twenty-k
and maybe go back for a few refills,
play with texture and flow.
If gauges read amusement: good enough.
That’s what I can and do love to do.

I cannot write a ‘real poem’
and to be honest when I read about
what the literati declare
what a ‘real poem’ must be
I lose interest lickety-split.
What I can do and what I like to do
(like? Heck it’s love all the way baby)
is pick a noun…

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anybody out there?

Come To Timmy

Okay, I’ve never been a mega-like recipient, but have become satisfactorily accustomed to a 7-10 range.

I understand my stuff isn’t for everybody. Understood this long, long, ago, even before the internet.

Always been a sort of outlier whether purposefully or not (most often not) and sometimes the sense is isolation and other times pleasantly spacious.

Whether any kind of -ology (psychology, astrology, typology, theology) is able to adequately explain it is something I cannot longer be bothered to inquire too extensive into.

Heck, maybe half the battle is being okay with a reality that says, no matter what you produce, no matter how ‘good’ or ‘accomplished’ it can be said to be, for some reason profound or not profound, it will be of limited appeal to a small audience. In a way – depending on the mood I’ll say in a big way – it lightens the load and…

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