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I say it’s valid to be a bit pissed off

While I sorely regretted that the time in Romania came to an end, I have to be grateful for those 3 dreamy years. And I guess, in lieu of Bucharest, there is a lot to love about this little corner … Continue reading

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couldn’t resist

had to put it on a shirt not necessarily true T-Shirt by MiddleFingerExpress  

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sudden grrrr thought

Whenever I read or hear someone write or say that thing that goes, “we humans are social beings” I just can’t help but consider or think: so you’re saying I’m not a human? does this mean we are enemies (by … Continue reading

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How about this for a sunday sermon?

Originally posted on Timmy the Scribbler:
Beginning to wonder about missing the mark when trying to identify where I took a turn that has resulted in a lack of output in the department of fiction. And I can’t help but…

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then along comes one of those beautiful days

…wondering if maybe I’m not really that eager about “learning” to draw, thinking maybe it’s hard to surpass the thrill of letting accidents happen…

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nothing like initial moisture touch

cloth masks are of course optional in this valley of such wonderful fine wine renown (guests hold lips agape after they taste their fingertips, so rich and thick does the atmosphere perform slow backstrokes in the bouquet). None intimate with … Continue reading

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maybe the path opens at last

The line of twiddles, scratches and twitches put in flight an emergency searcher and dripping down the line-designer’s chin (many a droplet stubbornly clinging) was a sheepish vibe of a rusty hue. The labor that last thrust demanded means familiar … Continue reading

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