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I Hate I

I know I am out of the zone I love when the touch is lost to the policy set in stone relatively long ago, stiffer than a religious commandment. This ancient policy was to avoid at any cost, and be … Continue reading

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heavens, universe, someone, whoever, we have a situation here

Should closer relations experience an advancement towards a layman term, a preliminary saying may say these are rather rare finds; might require patience fit for endurance through heavy clouds gathered for nothing but revelry; no offense against revelry or clouds … Continue reading

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Since interest seems inferred and assuming the eager beams mean the radiance is genuine, there is territory the rabble more or less never grace: cases and shelves that seethe with an inexhaustible supply of what the knowing know as the … Continue reading

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actually it was more than two – more like four

I refuse to believe the words are dead. Mind, an able propagandist may proffer the… proffer the… here it happens, public and colorless; two were auditioning and were asked to hang on a second but even the truth of if … Continue reading

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Exposure (or dreaming of a personal space)

learning eyes are key in the access to all the rooms and the library shall not in this class be treated as more special than say the cubbyhole for laundry. But the opening line did not intend to come this … Continue reading

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another go at… uh…. you know what

There was a beginning oblivious to its true nature. Sources bearing far fewer official credentials arose in later years claiming the truth was not at all as the conventional accounts record, insisting that this particularly wily and frankly unwieldy beginning … Continue reading

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luckiest rogue

Originally posted on Timmy the Scribbler:
her skirt is purple and so now are these fingertips purple and purple stains these lips because of sipping from the cup of the most fluid of grapes, sticking with the cup which hot…

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