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Slightly more cemented version of Welcome To Semen Springs

Introduction to the fantastical, magical, romping, adventure-filled world of Semen Springs and the arch-world across the Ogod River Bridge, run by the Evil Madam Tigertail, who must despise and seek to corrupt all forms of genuine goodness, specifically the flavor … Continue reading

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what becomes a difficulty

when finally finding or rediscovering one’s groove or grouping of voices and the good news is this finding but the less good news is it is not a very popular groove or grouping of voices, or not that popularity is … Continue reading

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little thrills

one little perk about blogging or putting one’s poetry on one’s blog, is the control – like if a typo pops up, the fix is quick and easy. On the other hand, it does put a smile on the face … Continue reading

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continuing the little tale of the little lost kisses

meanwhile, a sweaty mess writhed in the fantasy’s crevice because not all had yet spurted or if they’d spurted they had more spurts, a veritable surplus of spurts awaiting ejection signals who themselves were waiting for fresh pails the pail-fillers … Continue reading

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the little tale of the little lost kisses (the first part)

a melted blurry party of a fantasy topping an apex crest that coincided not so coincidentally with the height of a night when open windows invited cricket notes, mellow as they melted, lost control of the divisive tissues that allowed … Continue reading

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✍ Consider This… [31]

can’t not reblog this

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and I guess just in case….

…someone like a reader who reads that piece and finds it is something they enjoy and should a desire for more beckon their psyches, well there’s a bunch of pieces here and there’s a bunch of pieces in a few … Continue reading

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