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tangerine, mandarin, angel, etc

vaguely strange how it could be sinful but no bona fide infraction to use angel in a poem the tangerine – or mandarin, the citrus remnant; judicious two in juiciness indeed proved to be rounder or the largess, roundness, wait … Continue reading

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made on coffee:6

and it’s the sordidness that gives the delicious juiciness; and it would not be dirty otherwise: clean and safe and sane and while many a fantasy may or may not contain portions or levels or sections exhibiting openly this or … Continue reading

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made on merlot:3

New still arrived this afternoon. Tangerines. Or mandarins. Oranges. Mandarin oranges. Tangerines. These mandarin oranges will evaporate quicker than the chrysanthemums. These tangerines were rousted, probably a morning. Siblings. Plucked and yanked and packed, stripped, except for the wintergreen leaves, … Continue reading

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made after stew:1

which exposes the issue of just how much space must one’s estate cover or encompass or sprawl how much tidiness with horticulture a grove of plum or peach trees is the dandelion free to multiply does a dark forest hover … Continue reading

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made on coffee:5

so this world of these poetics may be the house; door was never locked only blanketed under thorny brush, empty, hearth waiting for warmth stark exposure, thick, layered metaphor, screened, direct, what is in finds a way out

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made on merlot:2

or not that the fact itself matters or that the couple cares what the public knows or cares and lord knows these days billboards are fair game on which to emblazon the most intimate monogrammed act but sordid just tastes … Continue reading

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made on merlot:1

the quandary erotica poses parallels the quiet allure basest universal fluid drive parades immodest near shier fine art it’s one thing they may privately couple another to make the marriage public

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