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haven’t yet a clue what they are

that they wear countenances cute or that they wear monstrous masks is irrelevant to this theme; and saying the name will betray an addiction to slavery and not the kind found in sexy fantasies but the opposite of that better … Continue reading

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for fuck’s sake I just want to write

all I want for my birthday that looms is a larger more private space so immersion can happen, but in lieu of that pipe dream I’d settle for giving a special someone a keyboard that types in silence as I’m … Continue reading

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how to piss off a poet

I never cared to get too technical although a curvaceous glossary can exude a gluey magnetism; toes do get wet and fingers are made sticky. So my train of thought – surprise, surprise – has encountered another derailment. Again I … Continue reading

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good clean hankerings

The pilot caged in lunacy nervously nibbles a doughnut and asks where is the stewardess though not really wanting to know if the rumor that nags is true, swearing that when the pills wear off apologies for turbulence shall be … Continue reading

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maybe playing with seasons will fix this frazzled fuse

Dear birds, your presence has been a colorful, harmonious pleasure. Sorry some of your kin became cat toys. If it helps, we both envy your freedom. We cannot flutter towards the heavens or make whoopee a hundred times per day. … Continue reading

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frazzled fuses – the crisis continues

A correction is in order regarding that fiction memo true that about the big box of bibles and the equally big box of bugles, and that this crisis drives all of us nuts, which is the invaders’ ultimate goal, and … Continue reading

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talk about frazzled fuses

it has come to the point that fantasy solutions cannot advance victory and as is brutally clear, munitions have dwindled to a few firecrackers; oh yes there is that big box of bugles but since the bugle instructor has quit … Continue reading

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