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couldn’t resist

had to put it on a shirt not necessarily true T-Shirt by MiddleFingerExpress   Advertisements

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what I wish someone would’ve helped me see long long ago

one thing there is no shortage of: people more than happy to come and tell you what your world should be. Solicited, unsolicited, doesn’t matter; are not dim drama hands. But they prey on sorts who appear to have no … Continue reading

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How about this for a sunday sermon?

Beginning to wonder about missing the mark when trying to identify where I took a turn that has resulted in a lack of output in the department of fiction. And I can’t help but suspect the internet has been more … Continue reading

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idle curiosity landed in a reminder work about colonial life and served as a timely cure for a tendency to see the gloom instead blue skies. Really, those were some dour dudes running those villages; imagine living smack or within … Continue reading

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yeah my dictionary is kinda customized

Man, had I been in Philadelphia or wherever the fuck the history went down, well I’d gone and cornered Tommy and pressed for specifics – happiness let’s say. And I’d said to Tommy, “listen, for the sake of the centuries … Continue reading

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So an old familiar predicament has come to visit. Or it said it meant a brief visit; didn’t seem to notice the curtain of disbelief that fell over my humble countenance. Exploration of this personality racket. The types. Cognitive functions. … Continue reading

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I can’t say I’m proud I traded a facebook habit for youtube, when it would’ve been better to watch the world go by; use all available senses for true pleasures created via process. Besides, most of the stuff is from … Continue reading

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