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many homes

I was another when we created island paintings on an ocean of ivory which in turn composed a ready-made gallery, at least until the day of the washing machine. How in the hell I let us get suckered rightward makes … Continue reading

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furthering the morning rant

Is it possible you are parting, oh dear Door? Surely a gargantuan guardian snickers in yon bushes, crouching for now, and with a roar of glee will return rusted clunky shackles where they have been at home for these innumerable … Continue reading

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something that came in the morning

I must be free My mind must be free and my mind and I are synonymous My mind must be able to freely: fantasize, imagine, contemplate, meditate, interpret, analyze, meander, roam, and delve, and proceed accordingly as all other things … Continue reading

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real world writer tribulations

I cannot exactly demand that someone in the vicinity with a pc and a loud keyboard cease doing what they like to do in their space. However, it is equally true that the bang-clunk-bang-clunk makes it really difficult to concentrate; … Continue reading

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for example

the last post-reblog (somehow missed how to add a note or comment) from the end of 2013 while in Romania. That makes sense too: those 3 wonderful years in Bucharest. Yeah the chatter was voluminous and nearly constant – but … Continue reading

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yeah it could be a brainwashing

maybe the brainwashing does not go on as a consciously planned operation. But as someone said: examine results. Examine results of undergoing a steady diet of information served without dilution from another world and that world’s mind; personal issues, opinions, … Continue reading

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Oh Houston, looks like we got a big problem without a visible solution

Since those fateful moments a few days ago of learning that what I immensely enjoy diddling with does have a name or more like brother/sister as in image/photo manipulation, which falls under the general graphic arts umbrella, seems like every … Continue reading

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