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playing with paragraphs 1

on a mantle sat two glass animals or more like space occupied by stances. One of the mantle animals of glass was an elephant; and the other of the mantle animals was a giraffe. The human home they were prisoners … Continue reading

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general purpose

put this mark a bit off-center using the handiest pencil and a notice of neon that blinks but is not obtrusive will not author an error by asking in a reminiscent throb whatever could be the belief causative creating a … Continue reading

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turning things around

I sense what I will believe is a habit related to an ancient root; a spell that is designed to dangle a tempting treat promised to the compliant puppet; being obedient in sacrifice to a foreign, and highly alien pantheon … Continue reading

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furthering nature observance

The ravens Myrtle and Melvin did not judge the brand new bistro as the battlefield was yet warm. “I can’t get into a buteo mood,” Raven Myrtle confessed to Raven Melvin. He replied, “well fingernails caked in blood, mud, gore, … Continue reading

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observing nature

kitty cannot kill every bunny; they are not naked now as in winter and nature revisits lazy virtue; thus many a corpuscle is at rest. Or maybe crusades do not really work though the walking granny knots never learn – … Continue reading

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clocking out

how sweet is the bunny’s honey cottony portal of welcome; staggering from the battlefield where the ravens peruse menus and be the bodies in feathers or be they temples painted flesh (boas being sacrificial heavenly constrictors, you know) syllables reek … Continue reading

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more moaning about my predicament

the poet’s pursuit is an ethics foe and the he or the she who dares compose a lyric in praise of sweet solitude can count on forfeiting support while pouring a forbidden foundation. Being alone most of the time is … Continue reading

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