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hostile terrain, continued

but see, turning back is out – the scout reports and a recon team will verify that brambles whose intentions are naught but bad have all but devoured and plan to continue to attack and to devour every ounce of … Continue reading

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hostile terrain

to all the fellows faithful, internal, yeah the road that had to climb the mountain where mountains in this county are notorious for uttering crudities from most coarse minds not to mention they sneer at rest areas and have been … Continue reading

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maybe posting a drafty excerpt/outtake will get the momentum going again

seagull down on the beach reaches for an aquamarine section to give it a deep and close to erotic-worthy scratch – a wink at the camera and says the many seasons in this insane island inlet gets a gull to … Continue reading

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what a twisted web

best thing about the internet (for me) is being able to post/publish words I compose, be it something for free or something for sale; juicy little couplet or a novel-length work (I’ve yet to manage to finish – but I … Continue reading

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to all the how-to vultures

Briefly do the doors allow a light to show an escape is possible on a twisted road poison fruits flank; thing is they cast a scent that allures and peddlers assure they are answers constructed for the sake of helping … Continue reading

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Dear Muse whoever you are, please give this poet-writer a swift kick in the ass

hey what’s this frozen on the floor bit? just get at it and stamp something already. Rubber? Good enough, get rubbery – that dirty squeaky friction – lick where sweat is – maybe beads are a crop across her caramel … Continue reading

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a voice politely clears its throat again

beware of these islands rickety jeeps run around, sparking off bamboo boxes that know to only chatter way beyond the sun’s bedtime; really they act like rats a bit – no not their sizes or their minds one is furry … Continue reading

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