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clouded ladders

Can’t really do other than admit that swanky hindsight perspective does house a host of shiver measures; all this while thinking seas were sailed and the machete swung in adventure atop adventure; only to see the beat dirt trail encircle … Continue reading

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the bald truth

All this began with my infatuation with sex stories and trying to write sex stories. Then came the discovery that my attempts leaned purple and shortly after that began the flirtation with poetry. Love of humor has always walked hand … Continue reading

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messing more with introductory para-strophes

and so the villagers were happy to be their villager selves within their villages. Each felt the world outside warranted enough suspicion as to press their faces deeper into their village maidens, though if the face-presser would be male he’d … Continue reading

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inability to fully focus – so go to the no-fail Go-To: turn paragraphs into stanzas

Reworking an Intro In those days this place going by its own correlate namesake – correlate in the sense of how they’d name their earth – hadn’t reached sophistication on a wide scale; or sophistication existed but was not comfortable … Continue reading

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oh how insidious

I know very well the treachery that takes the form of a harmless-looking detour, like a natural branch, feels like it conforms perfectly to the personality and the direction, and the scenery does the trick with lush foliage colored like … Continue reading

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what the fuck happened to the cooking?

the loser in a conflict may not be the villain the book boards deem and teach. Funds might’ve been famished. So down here is a legacy perhaps comparable to a Germanic neighborhood but you know who’s perfect and say what … Continue reading

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who knows who won’t get something good

often the hardest lines to resist are saying something true, or worse, true enough, so debate, or better, independent movement – liberality in latitude let’s say – deflates, or better, possesses yet portions of mind presence to let the fist … Continue reading

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