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the best comedy is anyone saying they are certain of anything

Granting no one really knows a damn thing, subjective travel experiences appear in these lean years to gravitate towards rhythm’s importance – it often gets a shafting of sorts – possibly due to naturally hurrying humans who would not be … Continue reading

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yeah it could be a brainwashing

maybe the brainwashing does not go on as a consciously planned operation. But as someone said: examine results. Examine results of undergoing a steady diet of information served without dilution from another world and that world’s mind; personal issues, opinions, … Continue reading

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maybe sometimes you just leave the beautiful thing alone

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ah, masks & thresholds, so much fun

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rose, butterfly, silos & sky

I think about 90% of the fun is not really knowing what I’m doing. Just mess around, mess around, mess around… kinda like I used to treat poetry & fiction but which perspective got lost along the way. There is … Continue reading

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trying this 2

Then there’s the one about becoming what you hate. I personally prefer a kind of creative revenge, as in seeing how many ways, means, tools, I can devise or use to throw and keep you off-balance; all the obstacles I … Continue reading

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missing writing like I used to like to write 3

Where are you, oh anthropomorphic world? I miss your philosophic birds, and the rocks along the river snickering about fishermen. Yeah, the falcons revving their air cycles contain a wealth of possibility but the mental picture isn’t vivid; can’t see … Continue reading

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