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tsk tsk tsk

a lot of nerve for such a naughty tot to entertain yourself since the moment it was decreed you are forbidden peace as total acquiescence is the sole role allowed to a sandcastle foreman and wearing the mask of the … Continue reading

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lazy and cynical s.o.b me

sparrow vocal and chubby alit and then split, likely a bit spoiled on corn hauled in from the city, mainly showing what a shame it is when what it is ought to be sweet. these treats the farthest from the … Continue reading

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beware of certain surfs

it cannot be true that the thirsts of lust are expanding space from the tablecloth where punches of pink and burgundy wine extended sparkly smiles and promised the last concern is that there is a rush; that a peek in … Continue reading

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how many awakenings will it take?

to listen to too many a mortarboard pro may oft be to precipitously err for their concerns must be elevation. Or to consider this attack example: sometimes a base camp totally massacres base camps that base camping books take terrible … Continue reading

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there is always room for some decadence

whether the feather shall tickle the nook in this that is a most delicate matter; or from the safest of safeties will play onlooker while helplessly weeping in ecstasy of an admittedly and slightly masochistic skew; aching for the form … Continue reading

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this is exactly why this must be done

overlooking the eerie bay of mystery, while stances on the quay call on whatever powers that be to stay corruptive powers of jelly; tanker lights belie navigator ignorance of the history, mistaking flashes for go-get-em greens and blind to the … Continue reading

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seeking to forge a saga of the fat green frog

not only did our fat green frog sputter mushy fly parts that yet clung to the lips, but like a script a scowl beamed and by beam we mean the beam went out quite outwardly eyes more enlarged than the … Continue reading

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