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another escapist creation

Close your eyes and welcome the festival that never concludes but now and then rests as the colors and the musical feel sense and dance best when evenings are cool letting cubes clink in glasses, kissing you. Tasty treats emit … Continue reading

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I guess anything ought to be fair game. I say so after experiences expressly designed to drive men bonkers. They entail rabbit holes. They know their cute noses and twitches and whiskers are explicitly irresistible. Thank someone managing the Universe … Continue reading

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not ghostly or ghastly but true

  the ball by the river is in full swing and in sweaty attendance a newly risen forefather derives as much thrall in electricity as the music – hearing nothing heavenly as guitar and microphone bark and twang; and vixens … Continue reading

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this poetry’s ditch

Yesterday’s meander so happily lackadaisical had to someday taper into an uphill grinding slog just when the season turneth to thaw, and the meadows level and lush in virgin whites and decadent reds a fountain’s busy pummeling trims, all carry … Continue reading

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words written from sheer desperation

vowels in flower caressing silence openly muse on if this night they will get to slip on iris dresses and shine though they will settle for the usual story starring a dewy peony as it was written in the advert … Continue reading

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playing with paragraphs 1

on a mantle sat two glass animals or more like space occupied by stances. One of the mantle animals of glass was an elephant; and the other of the mantle animals was a giraffe. The human home they were prisoners … Continue reading

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general purpose

put this mark a bit off-center using the handiest pencil and a notice of neon that blinks but is not obtrusive will not author an error by asking in a reminiscent throb whatever could be the belief causative creating a … Continue reading

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