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field guide excerpt

start by looking for a lab coat though in the field their forms may seem like normal humanoids; feel for lack of communication warmth, and keep an ear alert for cold recitation of statistics, and if a bird is heard … Continue reading

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even I don’t know what it means

Back to the spring made for bathing in sin, and face it, shades of iconography need not obliterate festivities as a tale is extra hard to conjure if access to nervous modesty is given the old forbidden realm treatment taking … Continue reading

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testing once more

giving in to the pelt’s needy wet mix of plea and demand, genteel fingertips play with a glider’s expertise a rare instrument known as a horny droplet; said dewy beads common wherever the sighs that signal a spring may peal. … Continue reading

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same old, same old

the shock, the fear, is real (oh no, not this again) and strikes like a viper training to be a boxer and a bold of lightning in the moonlight (proceed, but with extreme caution) – the thought taking the shape … Continue reading

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some of the bad, some of the good

Reading articles on the internet about life prior to the internet had this mustang’s head going nod, nod, nod especially the smut magazine lines, as in haywire action in the nerves; sometimes angels would leave one in the woods. So … Continue reading

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hopeless in idaho or dealing with constant interruptions while trying to think, much less write

Receptor sector, stand straight down, signal under the usual rude serpentine scramble attack. Yes it is unfortunate that drills such as these are now routine, but the complex is in a state that officially despises types that thrive where quietude … Continue reading

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one more test before bedtime

adventures pulling up the juncture could not at all mind the sweet sticky deal coming as a complete surprise plunging to the depths processors able to claim ancient pedigree. Electricity a participant, the haywire effect makes perfect sense. But how … Continue reading

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