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learning as I go

it is all in this idea of understanding and perception that I suppose keeps me addicted to this nonsense. That might be it. Meaning. What means what. What does anything mean. Really what does anything mean? Why the drive to … Continue reading

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slushy backlog episode more for than from the little epic in ether

producer note: the following episode contains moments and words which some eyes and minds may feel to be appropriate for audiences whose years and maturities exceed that considered, well, more mature than immature? This heads-up is probably not necessary but … Continue reading

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sweeping up the crumbs: 8

Milton stared at the Mule who appeared to be really grinning a little, but not a frozen grin, just a show of teeth and a roll of those big eyes. Ears twitched. Hooves scratched at dust. “Try to relax I … Continue reading

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crummy crumbly scrap from the most recent failure

Twigs twisted like invisibly suspended spaghetti straps glued to branches themselves so twisted as to make the twigs look laughably linear, contorted webbing creating an insane sketch in fog though on this hill they’d gotten plenty of practice except the … Continue reading

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making peace, again

as always it all comes down to just do the best you can with what you have on hand and what you know, always knowing there’s always more to know and try to handle – so much unknown. Everyone wants. … Continue reading

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of all the challenges

and there are many challenges, numerous traps and hurdles and walls, but while there is tremendous attraction to the lengthy explorations and desire always swells at the exciting vision of going deep into one cordoned territory – and sometimes I … Continue reading

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one simple wish

I find it fascinating yet frustrating and maybe it’s an apt example of the benefit in getting a mindset where the direction is only forward. I speak of course of the dreaded seesaw: one day (or one section of a … Continue reading

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