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another time-killing false-beginning to the futile alien spider story-poem

“I swear this is the week I will compose that highly tardy letter of complaint. Maybe my delay has an origin in the hope or desire to keep it short and sweet – translate that to bittersweet since this is … Continue reading

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the nine-hundredth dilemma to do with wordsmithery

Maybe a poet thrives in alien mayhem, depending on the definition of Poet. And who knows that definitive definitions are not symptomatic of chronic disconnect which itself should not be too problematic though it bears little resemblance to the novel … Continue reading

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more nonsense exercising

meanwhile in a laboratory slightly smoky and fizzy as laboratories are expected to be, enveloped deep within an experimental project a scientific sort peeled his eyeballs from the test tube that had held him rapt. Someone or something is thinking … Continue reading

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continuing the senseless nonsense exercise

“Well I would not say I am all that cold,” mused a sea creature lounging with a rum. “Scientists thinking our realm is frigid does not surprise me a bit and if I share this with the eels down at … Continue reading

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an exercise in senseless nonsense

The war-weary waters the portrait sheds at least add a touch of salt to dinner, which happens to be fish known by cold sea creatures that labor far from the tropics, rough in speech indeed they can be; but none … Continue reading

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the mushy lives!

So the old mushy sensation has not died but only slept. Months, months, on and on, the silence went, to the extent of the grimmest pronouncement. But like the scent on a night a woodsy cottage crackles at the edge … Continue reading

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many homes

I was another when we created island paintings on an ocean of ivory which in turn composed a ready-made gallery, at least until the day of the washing machine. How in the hell I let us get suckered rightward makes … Continue reading

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