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looking for the old days

I miss not writing about me, becoming a leaf on a lark and being okay not knowing why the lark appeared and letting it stay for it need not be a bird. And if a period lands where it lands, … Continue reading

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haven’t yet a clue what they are

that they wear countenances cute or that they wear monstrous masks is irrelevant to this theme; and saying the name will betray an addiction to slavery and not the kind found in sexy fantasies but the opposite of that better … Continue reading

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talk about frazzled fuses

it has come to the point that fantasy solutions cannot advance victory and as is brutally clear, munitions have dwindled to a few firecrackers; oh yes there is that big box of bugles but since the bugle instructor has quit … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Less-Free-Write

Believe it or not I do not want to write about you as though I am obliged to worship you and set all my toys aside and burn all my trivial dreams for the sake of fixing ear and eye … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Free-Write

It sounds insane to think a silly thing as in a book or a paperweight may exchange telegram zingers after the household humans emulating farmers, yawn and crawl into geometry unconscious they too are stars. Of course thinking so is … Continue reading

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becoming zombie

the clouds bursting birds that sing every color known to occultic seem these days mythical. It isn’t as though the plains were born sans a hint of sin. Surely suggestions run reckless against streams light glistens. Oh but they’ve yet … Continue reading

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another escapist creation

Close your eyes and welcome the festival that never concludes but now and then rests as the colors and the musical feel sense and dance best when evenings are cool letting cubes clink in glasses, kissing you. Tasty treats emit … Continue reading

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