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Exposure (or dreaming of a personal space)

learning eyes are key in the access to all the rooms and the library shall not in this class be treated as more special than say the cubbyhole for laundry. But the opening line did not intend to come this … Continue reading

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another go at… uh…. you know what

There was a beginning oblivious to its true nature. Sources bearing far fewer official credentials arose in later years claiming the truth was not at all as the conventional accounts record, insisting that this particularly wily and frankly unwieldy beginning … Continue reading

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like it or not

Hard to tell if the wordsmith shed recedes or if a thick mist encroaches closer though sent by mystical officialdom and if so, it is hopefully nothing more than a gently sly wakeup tactic. Please let those not be smoky … Continue reading

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then what happens but a poem-writing mood

The tune is pacing in the waiting room, wondering if it must give up a chord. Please leave those couple of quirky measures that feature that minor seventh: nothing short of a stroke of genius and it is sure to … Continue reading

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believe it or not a bird is buried in this

one morn in Romania I shot a cedar waxwing with my fuji camera now nigh on six years after an anonymous cedar waxwing from Romania attempted to animate lo, but along came roses and then a gang of effects thanks … Continue reading

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parenthetical mess

I’d say a good seventy-seven percent (speaking from the room where bets are safest) of the work reporting from worlds unreal would be the simple feat of the piercing the membrane (not to mention the tunnel) and pushing deep enough … Continue reading

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back to the battlefield

So we see dogma resurrects anew. Repeat refrain drones from the power play but only a fool would assume it dead, which of course projects insecurity, which in turn squeezes tighter old fetters and the choir from the gallery sings, … Continue reading

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