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click click this and that

a fill here and a swirl there once upon a time an eagle inhabited the original picture hard to know how this environmental manipulation might make it feel maybe a bit dizzy hopefully not too disoriented Advertisements

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maybe playing with seasons will fix this frazzled fuse

Dear birds, your presence has been a colorful, harmonious pleasure. Sorry some of your kin became cat toys. If it helps, we both envy your freedom. We cannot flutter towards the heavens or make whoopee a hundred times per day. … Continue reading

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the river is its own mind

the emeralds melted and are sliding as a messy mass towards a mental destiny which width forbids the journey from proceeding unhidden – and if unbidden or given unhindered freedom to pass is at this point immaterial as well as … Continue reading

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lazy and cynical s.o.b me

sparrow vocal and chubby alit and then split, likely a bit spoiled on corn hauled in from the city, mainly showing what a shame it is when what it is ought to be sweet. these treats the farthest from the … Continue reading

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working on woodsy scenes

the panther our spotlight softly reveals inherited slink from an ancient midnight union, so silent printing techniques come from instinct that shall never know adulteration; for viewers eyes roll and whiskers twitch with a black humor at how a cricket … Continue reading

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about the facts

a stance that refuses to surrender comprises large measure in the pleasure. The shame would be the shooting of the dove who openly confesses she is lunch unless brute survival drives the instinct in which case our sumptuous dove does … Continue reading

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comfort zones 1

Careful with knowledge. The coddle of one stray fact can act as a gateway to park play flooding; speakeasy raid. Tongues dripping inhumane acid use self-righteous certitude to abuse independence with questions fashioned for ensnaring the naive plucking and chewing … Continue reading

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