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then along comes one of those beautiful days

…wondering if maybe I’m not really that eager about “learning” to draw, thinking maybe it’s hard to surpass the thrill of letting accidents happen… Advertisements

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dinking around with gimp/sketchbook

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Drawing Dreams

The goal is to go hither and thither at will or on whatever whim comes by. Kissing along a coastal contour just before getting bit with a notion to jet across oceanic vastness happily hopping tropical islands, assuming a someday … Continue reading

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real revelations?

the longer the days and nights go on without being able to keep my hands off of my drawing tablet and opening up firealpaca/krita/gimp…. the more I am forced to wonder if the only reason I ever considered myself a … Continue reading

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So an old familiar predicament has come to visit. Or it said it meant a brief visit; didn’t seem to notice the curtain of disbelief that fell over my humble countenance. Exploration of this personality racket. The types. Cognitive functions. … Continue reading

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the motivation

I am driven to become capable with visuals because I’d really like to do stuff like this.

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It might be time to update the About Page

guess this is some kind of cat-girl *disclaimer: whatever appears as anything that resembles the representational is pretty much accidental since I am but a budding draftsman – infatuated and totally hooked on digital painting/graphics programs is what I am … Continue reading

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